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Italian Food
Listing of: Italian Food
Why: The only cusine I eat... maybe I'm biased since I am Italian :P
Category:: Food/Drinks » Regional Cuisine
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NCIS: Los Angeles
Listing of: NCIS: Los Angeles
Why: Spin-off of NCIS (even if *I* personally don't consider this) but more focused on undercover work. Characters are fresh and cute, they struggle with the lies they must say to mantain their cover. Action, shooting, good-looking guys and beautiful women, one in particular who kicks ass, all in the sunny LA, what more would you want? :D
Category:: TV Shows
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Listing of: Nutella
Why: Really, guys I'm Italian, do I need to tell you why I love Nutella? Gosh can't go on without it!
Category:: Food/Drinks » Flavourings, Condiments & Sauces
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Listing of: Dolphins
Why: I always loved dolphins, since I saw Flipper on TV I fell in love with those cute animals.
Category:: Animals » Aquatic Animals
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Listing of: Rome
Why: I visited this city many times and each time I fell in love even more.
Category:: Places » Towns/Cities
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