Two almost gone plus adding myself

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On: March 9, 2014

Ok, tiva and cote fanlisting will be adopted out to the wonderful April soon and I'm adding myself to a bunch of fanlisting ;) Other than that I'm updating all the fanlistings where I'm already a member but they closed or change owner and pretty much pampering everything :D

Adopting out

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On: November 4, 2013

I''ve decided to adopt out my Tiva and Cote de Pablo fanlistings as soon as TFL comes back. So if you want to add yourself to my KIM list please do ;) I will contact everyone who signes up when the site is back online.

New Collective Layout

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On: December 27, 2012

Hey lah... Today I finally changed layout for my collective :D. Since I'm obsessed with The Vampire Diaries (and Damon) right now, I've made a TVD themed layout :D And I find out that IE8 doesn't color something while Chrome and Opera both do so I have to go back to all my 43 fanlistings and change that CSS piece...

More conversion to LA done

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On: December 26, 2012

First of all, I upgraded to LA 2.4 ;) and I'm converting more fanlisting... I still have about 19 now 15 11 9. And I'm done now. Next step, the joined FLs...

I will update this post with the category of the fanlisting that I converted.

Listing Admin

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On: December 16, 2012

All episode fanlistings are with Listing Admin now. Wow I do have a lot (and I refrain myself for asking for more because I do have an episode peeve when I love a tv show).

Third TVD Fanlisting

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On: December 14, 2012

Never Let Me Go is ready (fot TVD 3.19 Heart of Darkness). I am moving all the fanlistings to Listing Admin so you'll see some of them with LA (the three new ones for sure ;) and some others that I've already moved) and some with Enth. Be patient while I move and let me know if there is any error ;).

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