Closed Fanlistings

Written under: Whole Collective, Bones: 3x08 The Knight on the Grid, Bones: 3x14 The Wannabe in the Weeds, Bones: 3x15 The Pain in the Heart, Castle: 2x17, Tick, Tick, Tick..., Castle: 2x18, Boom!, Falshpoint: Sam and Jules, Flashpoint: Braddock, Sam, Flashpoint: Callaghan, Julianna 'Jules', Leverage: Hardison, Alec and Parker, TVD: 1x11: Boodlines, TVD: 2x22: As I Lay Dying, TVD: 3x19: Heart of Darkness
On: March 13, 2018

I've closed some fanlistings:

Bones Episodes: 3x08, 3x14 and 3x15; Castle Episodes: 2x17 and 2x18; Flashpoint: Characters: Sam, Jules and Relationship: Sam/Jules; Leverage Relationship: Alec/Parker TVD: Episodes 1x11, 2x22 and 3x19;

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