Written under: NCIS:LA: Blye, Kensi and Marty Deeks
On: September 15, 2011

I've added a new page to the Densi fanlisting: Videos; this page lists videos I really like and that explain well what Densi means. Some have a history that is totally AU, some don't but the music, time and how they are build make them awesome.

I am thinking of adding a page of characteristics for Deeks and Kensi, but I need to watch all the episodes again... I think I'll start with Deeks because the episodes with him are my favorite. Moreover, for Kensi, I'd also have to watch the two Legends and I hate them... so I need to find the courage and be brave to watch them... (I hate them because the DC team is in them... I usually fast forward everything unless the LA team is on, well I did watch them only twice...) And with Characteristics I mean what we learn about their private life (example, DoB, family, shcool/college etc...)

And in less than a week, Densi quotes will start again =D but I need to think of another way to display them... maybe divide them in seasons because the page is quite long (and it's only one season plus two episodes...)

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