Hi Guys :D

Written under: Whole Collective, Postcards, Postcrossing
On: December 30, 2010

I know I told you I'd write the links for the two adoped fanlists but I didn't.... (not that you won't be able to find them in my collective :P)

Anyway here they are: Postcard fanlists Postcrossing fanlist

I couldn't use postcards.eiencafe.com because I already have my postcard collection on that URL, but I think I manage fine with the new one :D

Anyway, I applied for other 8 fanlists, 2 relationship and 6 episodes, cross fingers for me :D

And I'm moving my collective because I apparently got hacked (don't know why and don't know where!) and I can't access the 'owned' file on Enth so I will reinstall everything, I hope I won't screw up anything! (but I'll keep backup files so I can go back to the previous version ;) )

That's all.

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